Location: AKD Queensland

Start Date: November 2020

End Date: April 2021

Redbacks Engineering is excited to have worked with our long-time client AKD Queensland.  AKD operates a sawmill at Caboolture, which processes plantation pine into structural timber for the domestic market.

Redbacks provided qualified and licensed tradesman to complete the refurbishment works for the Green Mill Sawdust Clam Bin and to bring the structure up to the standard to which it was originally approved and installed.

The Green Mill Sawdust Clam Bin has been in service for numerous years in its current location. As part of the risk reduction strategies, the structure was relocated from its existing location to an area closer to the Green Mill.  Consideration of the final move needed to be considered during the refurbishment, with bolt on access platforms, stairways, sheeting and hydraulics only being installed once the structure was in its final position.

As part of this project, the Clam Bin was refurbished to an as new standard that is in alignment with the long-term view for this asset.

The Project scope included: Detailed structure inspections, and measure; design, drafting and fabrication of new access platforms; mechanical component repair and replacement; structure refurbishment, sandblasting, industrial coating and overhaul of the hydraulic system.