Farming Industry

Redbacks Engineering is centrally located in prime farming region. For 30 years we have been servicing the farming industry and producing a diverse range of farming implements and attachments.

Including, but not limited to:

- Macadamia Blowers
- Flower Harvesters
- Strawberry Picking Carts
- Seedling Planters
- Seed Spreaders
- Bed Formers farming3
- Plastic Layers
- Tilt Blades
- Awnings
- Packing Sheds
- Machinery Sheds

The Redbacks team can design and build harvesters to suit all farming types. We have designed and constructed Pineapple Harvesters complete with a Pineapple Picking and De Topping Boom. This enables the automated grading of pineapples and speeds up the picking process.
Macadamia Profiler
Redbacks has a builders licence for commercial and industrial buildings –We can work with you to design, fabricate and build a shed (packing, machinery etc) or add on an awning to suit your needs/specifications.

If you have ever had an idea to improve your farming/harvesting –  The Redbacks team will work with you from the idea stage through to design, fabrication and completion – Together we will make it happen.

Tractor Attachment / Implements / Modification

We can modify tractor attachments or modify farming implements to general2 suit your new or existing machinery – Redbacks can also build tractor implements and attachments to your specifications.