Approved Persons / BSA Licence

Redbacks Engineering is accreditated with the Queensland Government as an Approved Person.

Approved Persons are accredited by the Department of Transport and Main Roads to certify vehicle modifications on the following types of vehicles:

Heavy Vehicles over 4.5 tonne

Redbacks is authorised to certify the following modifications and alterations:

H1  Wheelbase Extensions grater than 1st Manufacturers Option
H2  Wheelbase Reduction less than 1st Manufacturers Option
H3  Wheelbase Extension of Reduction within 1st Manufacturers Option
H4  Chassis Frame Alteration other than Change in Wheelbase
H5  Trailer Chassis Frame Modification
J1  Mounting of Body- Vehicles greater than 4.5tonne GVM
K1  Seating Capacity Alteration & Seat Belt Alteration
K3  Cabin Conversion
K5  Wheelchair Restraint Installation
P1  Tow Coupling Installation Vehicle greater than 4.5tonne GVM
P2  Fifth Wheel & King Pin Installation
Q1  Truck Mounted Crane Installation 1.1 to 10 meter tonne capacity
R1  Goods Loading Device Installation
R2  Wheelchair Loader Installation
T1  Construction of Tow Truck

On completion of the project, all modifications are certified and ready for registration.

BSA Building Licence

Redbacks Engineering has a builders licence for commercial and industrial buildings. Redbacks will project manage from the planning stage through to completion or simply supply the steelwork as per your requirements.

Redbacks are affiliated with engineers and draftsmen so that we are able to achieve any required  certification.